How To Find The Right Therapist


Finding the right therapist can be a challenge.

You must feel safe, supported, and validated. If you do not feel safe, it will be difficult to be challenged – and a good therapist can challenge you in an honest and loving way. (It’s important that in therapy we be challenged – else how can we really grow?) As in individual therapy, in couples therapy, it is important to feel safe.

Second, it is helpful to know something about the approach your therapist will take during your work together. If you are unsure why your therapist is asking you to think about or do something in session, ask. She or he should be happy to discuss it with you.  Remember, this is your therapy!

Lastly, you should leave your first session clear about what the expectations are for therapy: how much will you be charged, will you meet weekly, what time is your session and how long does each session last, what is confidential and what might the therapist be legally mandated to report? If you are not clear, ask!


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