Work With Me

“I must be a mermaid. I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.” –Anais Nin

I love this quote. Does it speak to you too? As a therapist, and as a sensitive person in the world, I tend to work and think in a deep way. If you do as well, we may be a good fit for each other.

By deep I mean we’ll talk about your emotional scars – painful things that have been done to you and that you’ve done to others. This way of talking can bring you to new levels of understanding and emotional integration that you may not have thought possible. Integration in this sense means you no longer have to make yourself wrong for the past. It’s a part of you and can give meaning to the life you now hope to create. This way of healing can create profound and lasting change.

Mostly, my work entails talk therapy. We’ll work to create enough safety between us so that meaningful trust develops over time. With this trust and safety, the more vulnerable parts of you that live and navigate in the depths of your being can surface. What was once unconscious now rises so that it may be witnessed and metabolized.

We may also work more experientially. Working experientially means we’ll have an experience above and beyond talking. Like deep breathing, guided meditations, and working with your sensory system (namely your five senses, but there’s more to it) to help you calm and regulate. These skills can be powerfully important in relationship, at work, and if you’re a Highly Sensitive Person.

So while we’ll dive deeply we’ll also come up for air. Learning how to do this as a person of depth is essential – and we’ll work to build that capacity in you precisely through our more experiential work together.

From deep waters beautiful things can emerge. Did you know that a lotus flower only grows in the murkiest, darkest, muddiest of waters?  But when it blooms, it remains untouched by this dirt – beautiful, radiant, and glowing.  Just as the roots remain in this water, we cannot escape our past hurts and longings.  But we can learn to blossom.

If you’re ready to learn how, call me.