Individual Counseling

Although I work with many different kinds of people, I tend to work with those suffering from depression and low self-esteem. I also tend to work with couples where one or both partners are depressed or feel not good enough.

Finding a therapist with whom you can feel safe and vulnerable enough to share these feelings is essential.

And searching for the right therapist can feel overwhelming, especially when you are already hurting. But the right fit is essential – and can mean the difference between wasting time and money and deep, lasting, fulfilling change. For more information, read my article on tips for finding a good match.

If you are struggling or finding the search difficult, I encourage you to call me.

During our first session, and throughout therapy together, I will pay particular attention to helping you feel safe and supported. I will ask about your goals and can provide feedback on whether therapy with me is a place for you to meet your needs. If you feel we are not a good fit, I will encourage you to continue your journey and can provide referrals.

In a typical session with me, I will encourage you to be honest and vulnerable, and I will support you in this process. If you are feeling anxious, I will encourage you to slow down. Most likely, I will mirror back to you the parts of yourself that are often hard for you to appreciate. My hope is that you become increasingly confident in your own unique capacities and talents. In addition, I pay close attention to the relationship between us. Ideally you are given an experience of someone who celebrates you and with whom you can be your fullest self.

For a free 30 minute phone consultation, call me at 512.669.0395. You can also email me at