Couples Counseling

My passion is working with couples where either or both partners suffer from low self-esteem and depression. And I work with both same sex and straight couples.

Feelings of unworthiness can affect our intimate relationships in unproductive ways.

My focus is helping you understand how to connect with, understand, and support each other in the midst of these difficult feelings.

These feelings may be recent, or go back a long way. A lack of support growing up, being bullied in school, criticized at home, or neglected by our caretakers are all ways we suffer – and this can profoundly affect how we are in adult relationships.

But instead of talking about how much we’re hurting or our feelings, we may act out. We may engage in outside affairs, drink too much, or more simply pull away from our partner. For more information, read my article on the importance of talking about our feelings.

Therapy can help couples learn to connect in the face of this hurt, so that ultimately both partners are instrumental in creating a safe, nurturing place.

In couples therapy with me, I will serve as a safe place for both of you to be vulnerable with each other, to have conversations you may have been putting off for a while, and to reach toward the relationship instead of away from it.

For a free 30 minute phone consultation, call me at 512.669.0395. You can also email me at