• Individual Sessions: $70 for 50 minutes
  • Couples Sessions: $85 for up to 80 minutes

I also have slots open for clients on a fixed income needing lower rates, and we can discuss my sliding scale over the phone before our initial session.  To accommodate busy schedules, I have Saturday and early evening appointments available and can be flexible with scheduling.

  • I accept checks made payable to Kat Elrod, MS, LPC-S
  • I also accept credit cards via PayPal at Kat’s website,  Scroll down to submit payment.

I use the image of the red lotus to help symbolize what transition can be like.  A lotus flower only grows in the murkiest, darkest, muddiest of waters.  But when it blooms, it remains untouched by this dirt – beautiful, radiant, and glowing.  Just as the roots remain in this water, we cannot escape our past hurts and longings.  But we can learn to blossom.