I tend to work with people who are interested in a mindfulness approach. During therapy together, we may practice breathing, guided meditation, or simply learning to stay present with unsettling feelings.

Mostly, my approach to mindfulness is to encourage you to slow down. Slow way down.

Depression, stress, or anxiety can be experienced many ways. Some of us experience all three and find even every day things difficult.

And our culture certainly doesn’t help.

We’re bombarded with messages telling us to work faster, get more done in our day, and be more efficient. More, more, more. And never enough.

We’re not encouraged to slow down, and when we move too quickly we can make mistakes – big mistakes.

Before going back to graduate school, I worked at a yoga studio in Austin. I continue the practice of yoga, deep breathing, grounding, and mindfulness in my personal life and enjoy including this background in my counseling work. This background helps prepare me to create an environment in which you will be encouraged to slow down, breathe, and unwind.

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