Low Self-Esteem

Are you struggling to feel happy?

Feeling like you just don’t measure up to others?

As if you just want to hide from the rest of the world?

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Low self-esteem can affect everything about our lives, from how we make decisions about our financial worth to how we choose partners.

It’s as if we’re wearing glasses through which life is filtered. And we just can’t see life any other way.

Others may find it much easier to identify what they like about you, leaving you doubting their authenticity. Unfortunately, when suffering from low self-esteem, it is often difficult to notice anything positive about yourself.

In a typical session with me, I will encourage you to “own” the parts of yourself that may be difficult for you to appreciate. I will help you identify how this pattern developed and help you express just how hurtful that history is.

I will help you notice times during the day when these feelings may be stronger, and work toward creating a different voice – one that acknowledges and appreciates your unique self. 

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