Showing Up

JENNIFER BILBREY, LPC AUSTIN TEXASSome Inspiration for Your New Year!

One of my mentors recently reminded me of the four basic principles of many spiritual and psychological paths:



  1. Show Up
  2. Be Present
  3. Speak Your Truth
  4. Let Go

Sounds easy, right? If only!

There’s much to say about each of these steps so for now let’s start with:

Inspiration for Your New Year
#1 – Showing Up.

In a way, that’s the hardest part. So many things keep us from showing up – in our own lives and with others. We’re afraid of how others might judge us. So we close off any possibility by just not showing up in the first place. I may want to start a new yoga practice, take a Spanish class, learn better budgeting skills, or eat healthier. But if I don’t show up to those classes, that computer program or app, or that healthy plate of greens, I foreclose on any possibility. Showing up itself is an act of bravery to the degree we must confront our fears of failing. If I show up to that yoga class and don’t really like it, instead of discerning what I liked and didn’t, I might attack myself instead. I might judge myself and compare myself to the others in class. So, better just not show up in the first place, right?!

Instead, can we give ourselves credit for showing up? Can we acknowledge – and not minimize – the bravery showing up requires? Can we forgive ourselves for mistakes made? Can we dare to believe we may do better than we ever imagined?

I saw this on an Austin billboard recently by a writer named Erin Hanson and it really applies to this idea of Showing Up:

“What if I fall?”
“Oh my darling, what if you fly?”

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